Tech-Startup Ecosystem in Guadalajara

With the main purpose to share information about the tech startup activity in Guadalajara, Mexico I present a compilation that over time I’ve been gathering which shows a very simple mapping where you will find organizations like:

  • Community Enablers
  • Investors
  • Events
  • Meetups
  • Startups
  • Small business
  • Corporates
  • And more…


Of course there are other sources that are essential to know in detail the local startup ecosystem movement as Startup Digest and Startup Genome. I just have this desire to share about I have known and experienced about public, private organizations or movements organized by volunteers with the momentum to push a city in the development of technology and entrepreneurship sectors.

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Building ideas

Time to renew

So the think is that my original startup idea didn’t well so good. At one point I realized it wasn’t really something that I truly love and also about the lack of experience that I have in big data.

So baby steps by baby steps. Now getting to the basics, I’ve been realized I would like to be more involved with the industry and get into the operations. So is time to refresh all the knowledge after years being just in management areas and really start doing something.

So here I go, wish me luck.

MIND hub
Mexico, Startup ecosystem

Incubator in Tijuana: Mind Hub

MIND (Mexico Innovation and Development) Hub is a collaborative space for development, innovation and creativity for tech entrepreneurs that create products and services, at the same time bringing added value to their communities.

With a 10,000 sq. ft. facility, MIND Hub foster’s 8 startups that offer their services in different industries such as medical, education, business solutions and financial.

Lead by local entrepreneurs MIND Hub is certified by the Mexican Institute for Entrepreneurs (INADEM) as a high impact incubator and a part of Mexico’s national entrepreneur network.


Characteristics: Hub, accelerator, incubator.

Address: Suchiate #13, Col. Revolución CP 22015. Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

Contact: / MX: +52 (664).681.3494 / US: +01 (619).900.1164

Twitter: @mindhubtijuana

Facebook: /MexicoinnovationHUB

Project start: 2011

Bit Center
Mexico, Startup ecosystem

Cluster in Tijuana: Bit Center

Bit Center (Baja’s Innovation and Technology Center) or Centro Software de Tijuana, is a project that brings space to freelancers, small, medium business to corporates, from the Information and Communication Technologies (ITC) industry.

With a space of 5,000m2 with a capacity of 800 people. Currently it is at 25% of their capacity with the majority of local project and from BajaCalifornia. It attracts also market from NorthAmerica and Asia, this because the current industries that operates in Tijuana.

Counts with spaces for events like the Startup Weekend Tijuana, also some spaces for the community of Tijuana looking forward to learn computational skills. The spaces depends on the interest from $200dll to $14 the square meter aprox.

This is a project lead by CANIETI in Tijuana.


Characteristics: Cluster, co-working space

Address: Blvd. Gustavo Díaz Ordaz #12415, Fracc. El Paraíso, CP22106. Tijuana, Baja California, México.

Schedule: Lunes a Viernes. 7am a 6pm.


Facebook: /BitCenterMexico

Project start: August 2nd, 2010

Building ideas

This 2013 leave me with great adventures:

  • I add new friendship to my life
  • I met new startup ecosystems (Queretaro, Rio de Janeiro, Tijuana, Silicon Valley)
  • I quit my save 8 hours job
  • I start my first startup
  • I got bankrupt
  • I got know what is to live in bootstraping mode
  • Me, my family and friends still here
  • I met some intellectual incredible people
  • I read 19 books
  • I have a plan to survive 2014 and continue my startup

I’m excited that 2014 is here. I love pair years, I think there are clean numbers that you can divide by a half and always give you 0. I’m excited that this year I’m turning 28 years old, ’cause I born May 28th so I don’t know why but I’m excited.

Coming I will share my personal recipe about how to organice yourself with your goals for next year, I hope could be useful.

I share with you the statistics of this blog last year, and I’m very excited what comes for 2014

I hope your goals and dreams concrete this year!

Thank you 2013

Building ideas

Since elementary school I wasn’t an excellent “A” student. When I was in the mood I could be at the same level as the best from the class, but I remember that for general classes were boring for me.

Being at the University I remember getting excited when I failed a test, the first not past ever in my life. I love it! ’cause I never had a bad note in my life and didn’t know what it feels like.

I remember this teacher that I didn’t like her to much and she give a very low grade. I really didn’t care, I remember that it wasn’t worth it, that never a grade would define my capabilities.

I always hated homework and test, why just to have a binary result? yes or not, bad or wrong. Instead to foment the comprehension, a dialog or find a way to recognize the different abilities from kids.

Today I see a lot of disorganization around me, with fear to use the intuition, the logic or just experiment.

Is this because has always been safe to think about past or failed?

Now  that I’m in the entrepreneurial world, I have realized I have found my environment. I identified with dreamers, not conformist, with people that want adventure. That love to be different.

Being in a desktop work for more than a year killed me. Now I’m happy, I have my ups and downs, but every day is an adventure.

I don’t know what will be about my future as entrepreneur, I hope I have failure and not be sad to long and stand up and continue to have this work of adventure and uncertainty.


Thanks to

Being just the society spectations kills an entrepreneur

Building ideas

Today was my first networking event in San Diego, actually since I arrived to Tijuana (2 months ago) I never went to an event. It opened mi eyes and mind about the develop of the Economy in California and San Diego, in terms of infrastructure and technology. I liked to know what is happening in the startup ecosystem and how I can involve.

Today I end so tired. I woke at 4AM so I can be on time to the event, waiting more than an hour to cross to US. It broke me down very much, so tired. But I realize I love it, I’m a SCOUT, love to explore new ecosystems. And that’s exactly I want to do for a long logn time. I want to met people with new, fresh ideas. I want to know new contexts. I want to move me from my confort set of mind to crazy or irrelevant ideas.

I’m so excited for the new opportunities that are coming. No doubt this time has been a key factor for me to grow, and being in my parents house has been very comfortable. But I want discomfort and challenges.

Mi goal is to remain in Tijuana this year, and by 2014 move to California.

Is just a matter of work, disciplined and patience.

New ecosystem, new experiences

Building ideas

It’s an interesting word, but not when it applies to me.

I don’t know… is kinda a mental fear that transform in a tangible thing that is distributed to your body.

So my story is that it has not been even a month since I arrive to Tijuana, to devote full time to my startup, and gradually I been realizing about reality, and this reality is beginning to scare me.

Why do I feel this way?

I remember when I decided to take the first step to quit my job in Guadalajara to come to Tijuana.

And the last thing I remember is that I was pretty confident making that decision… I felt invincible (not kidding).

And now why do I feel so insecure?

Bit by bit I been realizing how things are in the entrepreneurial world about competition, success and failure … I feel it blocks my mind and I feel fear.

I feel fear, pure fear.

(Man! … at least write helps me)

I feel that I’ve slowed down a little work, and do not know if the lack of discipline, motivation or because it is a way of self-sabotage.

But I will not stop trying.

Sometimes I feel a little lonely working without having someone to motivate me. I guess because I’ve always liked team sports where the rest of your colleagues will encourage you and support each other. But being here alone, I think the hardest thing is to fight your own mental demons. But then at the same time I prefer to work a bit isolated because this way I can concentrate.

I have always been so tough with myself, kinda that I can’t make mistakes. But now.. man! I’m scare, and I don’t care to feel vulnerable.

Vulnerability is part of my nature as human bean and as a person that can make mistakes. I have make mistakes when just to thing about them it chills through my body.

But now, I don’t care. I learn and make introspection… analysis. And wonder what did I make wrong, or what would be an alternative to do it. I confess I’m scared about a lot of things in my personal and professional life.

But I’m confident that would not stop me to continue to pursue my dreams and goals.

So… to be scare and continue!!


Fear? yeah is normal (…now I realize)