Working model for a web business

julio 21

This is a business structure model for a web business, of which I have created some business services that I […]

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Sometimes I want NORMAL things & sometimes I DON’T

julio 10

Born, grow, reproduce and die. Get the best notes in school, have a remunerable job, meet the guy of my […]

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The sound of wind and rain in Guadalajara

julio 4

Working in a 6th floor building this is what we hear a group of 20 people while working on our […]

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Tech-Startup Ecosystem in Guadalajara

mayo 19

With the main purpose to share information about the tech startup activity in Guadalajara, Mexico I present a compilation that […]

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abril 22

One of that persons that you can not surprise ‘cause they know everything about music, his dedication is music, his […]

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You can't TRY to do things, you simply DO them

-Ray Bradbury