Tech-Startup Ecosystem in Guadalajara

With the main purpose to share information about the tech startup activity in Guadalajara, Mexico I present a compilation that over time I’ve been gathering which shows a very simple mapping where you will find organizations like:

  • Community Enablers
  • Investors
  • Events
  • Meetups
  • Startups
  • Small business
  • Corporates
  • And more…


Of course there are other sources that are essential to know in detail the local startup ecosystem movement as Startup Digest and Startup Genome. I just have this desire to share about I have known and experienced about public, private organizations or movements organized by volunteers with the momentum to push a city in the development of technology and entrepreneurship sectors.

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Mexico, Startup ecosystem

In this moment to be a promoter of the entrepreneur ecosystem means to be part of the entrepreneurs.

Participate side to side with entrepreneurs.

To learn, not just reading methodologies, also because you are part of the methodologies. Participate with entrepreneurs to know them, to know the necessities and learn.

As to know your client, and to know them some way you have to understand and live same situations as them.

I believe as promoters, in any industry, must have an active participation and engage directly. We can not be just speakers and stay with the theory definitely should live and experience by yourself.

This has given me the ability to know the needs, problems and motivations of dozens of people I’ve met in the ecosystem of technology, entrepreneurship and innovation in Guadalajara.

And I think I’ll never be tire of telling the story of a team that wanted to present their startup in iTuesday, visibility and networking event that brings together about 120 people per month, who I refuse to present in the event. Because their presentation was very lack of details and even spirit. And I was feeling very mad about how not serious they were by they project. Anyway I told them that this lack of effort it would not take them anywhere if they didn’t put their soul on this. Long short story they tock this as a attention call to work harder and have the opportunity to present their project with investors. I felt proud of them.

What it means to be a promoter of the entrepreneur ecosystem?