Working model for a web business

This is a business structure model for a web business, of which I have created some business services that I detail as follows.

This has been a personal conclusion about my experience knowing some opportunity areas from some business I have been working through web platforms.

I propose three platforms (1)Web Business Structure, (2)Web Development, (3)Web Marketing. Whatever the focus of the business it has to always get thorough the platform number one “Web Business Structure”, this for a better management.

Web Business Structure

This platform refers of management milestones and personal discipline before getting started with a business, the difference about developing traditional and an innovator business (startup). Next I detailed the services of this platform:


Process that guides you through a personal discipline and structure before building a business.


Process that guides you about how to start developing your business focusing on lean startup methodology.


Process that guides you about how to manage your information, tools and team communications.

Web Development

Web platform development, involving programming, ux, web design and more. Next I detailed the services of this platform:


Process that guides you to build a website, e-commerce or a web platform.

Web Marketing

Promoción por diferentes canales digitales para la difusión del negocio. Detallo el servicio hasta ahora creado:


Process that guides you in the strategy for digital marketing with the promotion of your business.


Process that guides you in the strategy focusing in social media.


Process that guides you in the results and metrics about your personal management, business performance, social media metrics, website metrics and business & personal goals.


Process that guides your how to arrange a tech event, meetup, conference, etc, as speaker or organizer.




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