Lea Verou
Diseño y Desarrollo Inspiracion

Why would I like to have a conversation with Lea Verou?

I found her a very interesting girl with extensive knowledge in CSS styles.

She is a hybrid between Designer & Coder, this post resume it all.

I met her work because my guru of CSS styles recommend me to read about her at some point. I recommend to follow her career in adding value to the designers & developers community about web standards

In my perspective the value of this girl is that her work is:

  • Clean
  • Clear
  • Concrete

Also she remains her blog updated.

Another facts:

  • Has developed 19, between tools, libraries, polyfills and scripts.
  • Has wrote aprox. 17, between post, books chapters and articles for Smashing Magazine, Net Magazine, and others.
  • Has participated as a speaker in 49 events in more than 30 countries.

Name: Michailia (Lea) Verou

Characteristics: Coder (Web standard expert, front-end engineer) | Designer (Web designer)

Contact: lea.verou.me

Linkedin: /leaverou

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