What is the ICT Development Index?

Well, in my research about international standards of how to measure the use of technology around the world, I found the IDI Index.

Best known by ICT Development Index (IDI). With ICT referring to Information and Communications Technology.

What is IDI (ICT Development Index)?

Is a composite index that combines 11 indicators into a single measure as the reference point. And is used to monitor and compare ICT development in countries around the world.

How to get the IDI index?

This index is calculated referring to three sub-index types: Access, Use & Skills.

ICT Access:

  • Fixed-telephone lines per 100 inhabitants
  • Mobile-cellular telephone subscriptions per 100 inhabitants
  • International Internet bandwidth (bits/s) per Internet user
  • Percentage of households with a computer
  • Percentage of households with Internet access

ICT Use:

  • Percentage of individuals using the Internet
  • Fixed (wired)-broadband Internet subscriptions per 100 inhab.
  • Active mobile-broadband subscriptions per 100 inhab.

ICT Skills

  • Adult literacy rate
  • Secondary gross enrolment ratio
  • Tertiary gross enrolment ratio

Then the porcentage are measure as follows. Access (40%), Use (40%), Skills (20%).

And, we have the ICT Development Index (IDI).

Where can you find more information?

ITU are the ones who create this index standard that recognize worldwide.

ITU, known as the International Communication Union. Is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies(ICT’s).

I called the UN Tech.

The ITU have an annual report about the worldwide stadistics in technology development, giving the score 0 to 100 (the ICT Development Index). Also is important to mention that the information index varies with time. An example is about the fixed-telephones lines milestone that currently this measure is increasing because the lack of use.

Isn’t this interesting? I loved to learn this 🙂

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