Desarrollo Personal

The Year of Code

I have been struggling coding again.

But this year is maaa year!!!

I’ve been trying to being free. I mean what is more cool than to be wherever I want in the world and being able to earn enough money to keep my business in track and support myself.

Imagine this.. Me, my laptop and a good internet… but the way the internet is always a pain in the ass… and it sucks a lot of time. But just bear with me and imagine the picture… I’m just hoping someday the internet reception for aerospace travels had a better internet connection someday.

I’ve been letting my fears to take over me and push me down… I mean after 4 years being in management positions that code thing just goes to the wind. So right know I’m working so that skills can come back again.

And for doing that I’m managing some projects every month. So some of them are these.

CSS challenge

I love this challenge, consist to structure from Photoshop to HTML, CSS and Javascript. One challenge per day, every year.. so it is a good start.

PHP cheat sheet

Like the phrases say it, just to have different functionalities in PHP for different projects.

Python cheat sheet

The other day I have a client that ask me for a software development, so I need it to take over again. The main purpose as PHP is just to have like simple functionalities that I can re-used for different projects

id Digital Design

Yup, finally I’m launching a digital agency. Hoping to someday it can sustain by themselves with a good administration panel for clients in Guadalajara, New York, Tijuana and hope other places someday.

Ooh man I can’t wait to earn enough money to pay for a good co-working space. And I think coding skills can open doors for new opportunities.

So like a Zed A. Shaw said… Just shut up and code!!.. so here we go…