The impact of a leader in my life

The actions and ideals over a man or woman has impacted my life, that admiration for them make me want to simulate them as a leader.

For me what makes an effective leader and a bad leader.

In my life an effective leader is the one who first has confidence in my abilities, which has challenged me, which pushed me to move from my comfort zone, which is objective. Who through their actions and words have made me think, to question myself, and with this to make my own initiatives and actions.

Now, a really bad leader for me have been those who first conversation bores me a lot, one that has no vision, from whom I learn nothing, one who is pessimistic, who discourages me.

The characteristic of the people I have taken as my personal leaders is that they are leaders of life, which to remember their history, actions or words make my heart pump fire.

So, when I say Leader, who is the first person that comes to your mind?

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