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Recipe for: publish a post in WordPress


  • Have installed WordPress in your chosen server.
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word.
  • For WP beginners.


1) Login to  nameofdomain/wp-admin  or nameofdomain/wp-login

Note: The domain login depends in the configuration that you make when installing WP, but this two are the more common ways to log in into WordPress administration panel.


2) Go to left main menu and clickPosts > Add New

3) Write the Tittle of your post in the superior block.

Note: The Permalink is a friendly URL previosuly written by the domain and add automatic the chosen titled name of your post. If you want to edit the configurations go to Permalinks Settings.


4) Write the Body content in the big principal block.

[Add Media]: To insert photos, videos and music. You just need to click the Add Media button and select a media file from your computer or insert an URL. If you want to edit the photo size, or add a gallery or another editions go to Media Settings.


[Bar of options]: If you know how to use Word, you’ll not have problems chosen the bar buttons.


[Visual and Text]: The difference between them is how to visualize the post content you’re currently writing. Visual is a typical visualization of your content (as in Word), and Text is a HTML visualization of your content (If you don’t know HTML feel comfortable working in Visual mode)


5) Go to the Categories right menu and select a category for the post.

Note: You can add a new category just click in + Add New Category button. To manage your categories go to Categories Settings.


6) Go to the Tags right menu and add tags.

Note: You can write the tags and separate between them with a comma. To manage your tags go to Tags Settings.


7) Go to the Publish right menu and click Publish button.

[Save draft]: Since WP version 3.6 an automatically save draft is push since you start writing your post content. Also you can click the Save Draft button to instantly save your content.


[Preview]: If you click the Preview button you can visualize how your post is going to visualize when public.


[Status]: If you click edit button you can choose 2 types of status: Draft (an eraser, wont be public) and Pending Review (if maybe you want to an editor check your post before public)


[Visibility]: If you click edit button you can choose 3 types of visibility. Public (Immediately will public once you click Publish blue button), Password protected (this post will be accessed only writing a choosen password) and Private (every time you log in you will be the only one seeing this post public).


[Publish]: If you click the edit button you can programm the post publication choosing date and time.


[Move to Trash]: If you click the Move to Trash button you erase your post. You can manage also your eliminated posts.


[Publish]: Instantly publish the post in live.


General notes:

  • Is important for you to know about the difference between a Page and a Post in WordPress.
  • The importance about writing all down the content, categories and tags let you to index your content in search engines as Google. The advantage of this is that in the Internet world you’ll have more chance your page will be seen in the top results depending of the content you use.

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