My recipe for organize your business idea (pre-startup)

This is how I started, from having no idea to making a plan for my tech-startup.

This is only a suggestion, once I learn that every entrepreneur learn some methodology to later create their own, this is one of the thinks I love to be an entrepreneur ’cause I like to create my own methodologies and processes.

So my personal recipe to start from scratch is:

1. How to start an idea

  • In your working experience or as user think about 5 problems you realize it exist

2. Organize each idea

  • Make a brainstorming about everything according to the problem
  • Make the first brainstorming classification: Problem(s) you realize it exists
  • Make the second brainstorming classification: Oportunities that could have developing a solution for that problem
  • Make the third brainstorming classification: Solution(s) that you can suggest
  • Make the fourth brainstorming classification: Other Solutions that is about direct or indirect competency

3. How to choose ONE idea

  • Talk with some expert in the field to analyze the ideas
  • Analyze with an expert or a mentor which want have more opportunities (competency, market)
  • Choose the one that the expert will tell you “This is interesting”, ’cause he never hear about this

4. Organize yourself by choosing tools

  • XMind
    This local SW has helping me to manage mi ideas, plans, methodologyes and process (mindmaps). Plus is OpenSource.
  • Podio
    This web tool has helping me by centralizing (ALL IN ONE PLACE) all tools you can imagine to manage my startup day to day with my partner (Email, spreadsheets, communication, task & to-dos, internet tools, intranet & HR System, Social & IM). Plus is free for 5 users 2GB, no limit time period.
  • Disciplined Entrepreneurship 
    This book has helping me to make a GENERAL PLAN for my startup

Don’t worry to not have the perfect idea or isn’t clear yet. In the process it would evolve. There’s a lot more internal job to do, but this could be a start.

Another tips, that worked for me are:

  1. Research about what’s going on in your own city
  2. GO to all possible FREE events in your city, specially about networking and startups
  3. Read The Lean Startup
  4. Read Startup Communities by Brad Feld
  5. Participate ONCE in Startup Weekend
  6. Participate ONCE in Lean Startup Machine [Recommended]

With this tips, I hope is more clear for you decide what’s next.

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