Make your life more easy with File Management

So tell me, how is your files management doing so far?

I mean if right now I ask you to find your file from your ideas you have 2 years ago how much time would it take you?

So, you take the time? How much did you spend finding the file?

Well, probably you do or not spend a lot of time if you know how to find your files quite quickly.

But well, this post is about sharing with you about how I manage my files, and hope this could be helpful for you.

Ok so this is how I manage my files.

File Management


  • Project name 1
  • Project name 2
  • Project name 3
  • Archive (Here I store all my projects that I already finish)
  • Wiki (Here I put some knowledge for business that is important for me)


  1. Life Management (Here I manage my ideas, dreams and all my goals)
  2. Value Management (Here I store my bills, receives and finances)
  3. Health (Everything related to doctor, dentist, insurance, etc.)
  4. APPS, Methodology, Process & Scripts (Here I store every methodologies that I discover or create, as new apps for explore)
  5. Books, Music & Movies
  6. Getting active (Here is everything about my fav hobbies, as run, excercises, etc.)
  7. Travel
  8. Style & Design (Beauty tips, I love visual design so all about it, and photography)
  9. Astronomy & Science (All nerdy interesting things about science and universe)
  10. Languages
  11. Tech, Code & Math
  12. Social
  13. Roadmaps (I actually don’t know yet what to put here, but the idea is to put general plans, big overview of my profesional and personal plans, when I already finish managing in the APPs, scripts section)
  14. Identity documents (Here I put my CV, my bio photos and all my ID scan documents)
  15. Biblioteca de conocimientos (This is my knowledge library and also I put things I don’t classified yet)

So I have my bottom two paths, my Personal files and my Business files. For example for business you can change it to Work if is that the case.

And you can realize that the order is also important for me. At the bottom you will see the most important for me.

A tip is that I use Google Drive to all my files and dropbox to save all Archives files, that means all files regarding to close projects.

Also, I used this categories for everything, and I mean “Everything”. I used it in bookmarks, in my mail tags, and in evernote.

Well remember you can manage your documents whatever, this is just in case to see how may you can start.

Hope it was helpful 🙂


So this wouldn’t be possible without reading this post about file management from AsianEfficiency

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