How to start a personal blog?

In my experience the most important thing in a blog is the content .

After six years of starting my personal blog I have reinvented and still do. I have experienced , deleted , created , deleted again, lost content , written with spelling mistakes , written more clearly and concrete , I have written about my personal life , about my work , about technology, being trolled, criticized, congratulated, liked my content, my content has not liked , anyway. The point is I have learned and still do, but I never fail to reinvent myself .


Talk about something that is not common to read and something you’re passionate about .

I suggest your content is about something you live in your current context and make it something that you like so much that you want to share with others , who may be identified, or learn something new. Create valuable content to people.

Eventually you will be able to identify categories of the item you’re trying to highlight and identifying the characteristics of the people who read you .

Of course you can set this from the beginning, but if not, experiment , be yourself, enjoy writing and through this action you will discover new facets of yourself.

Choose your platform

If this is the first time you have a blog I suggest you create an account on, and you can start creating your first post right away without wasting much time in installation and devote yourself into creating content.

If you have any questions email me.


Select a design that identifies you.

If you are creating  written content choose a theme where there is clean visual noise, perhaps accompanying your post with a picture but keep it clean for the reader.

If your content are images, look for a theme that is suitable to display your pictures in a more interactive way .


When you have a blog is hard to be disciplined about publishing new content (of course if you are very disciplined this is not a problem). I suggest to start with a goal publishing once a week during  3 months. If this remains you can reach another goal and publish daily or maybe invite others to collaborate.

After you create discipline, more readers, content quality I suggest to look for a hosting and install a framework like

At the end, the most valuable of a blog is its content. Your words, your pictures, your content.

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