First time developing a game… this is the story

A weekend ago I decide to participate in my first video game hackathon ever.

Through Skillcrush I found this special hackathon #GAMERella ”Well what better oportunity to participate and learn for the first time how to make a video game in a weekend” I said.

“If my sister thinks I’m a geek, has no idea” I thought after being just for a few minutes in the room.

Honestly I was pretty scare at first. It wasn’t my usual enviroment you know, Meetups, Hackathons, events but focused always on the web. Never had developed a game before man! and I actually don’t know if I consider myself a gamer… ok I’m not.

I mean, of course I can stick with a game once I start playing it … hi Dinner Dash! .. hi Uncharted 2!. But talk about them and nail it, nah! not honestly.

But anyway, when I arrived I felt like a fish out of water. But at least one of the reasons why I decided to live for a while outside my country it was because experiencing new things.

The video game center of the NYU received the hackathon #GAMERella Jam organized by CodeLiberation.org that challenged us in the creation of a video game with the plataform of our choice with the topic “Boss Up”… I had to ask what they mean with that, ‘cause I was sure it was more like an american slang. But anyway I get it and started.

I was very lucky to start talking with two guys who share me their ideas, I had no idea where to start. And in the end we were 4 people talking about video games and what can be possible to build. One was a passionate musician that loves video games, other girl with experience in Unity who has a mini piano and is an art creator, and other guy with experience in game developing. And me? well I was there just for the food… nah of course not! ”You know what?, I’m here to learn, if you guys need me to learn Unity I will learn the basics to participate somehow “ I said.

Ok so you will wonder probably I dunno what is Unity?… So Unity is a game engine where you can create and code video games for PC, Android, Play Station Xbox, Wii, etc. Ok cool let’s continue!

The ideas began to emerge. Focusing on the fact that two of the teammates brought  a cello a mini-piano. So we could use it to make a game focused on music. Then we start joining the concept and the theme “Boss Up”…

And this is how Lucent born:

Roman (@ChaoticFormula): Game Design and Animation

Greg (@cosmoddd): Music, Sound mixing and Main Level Designer

Seori (@edwardyaoihands): Sound Effects and assitant Level Designer

Sam (@SnowHydra): Programming and Special Effects

Irina (@irimaya): Production and UI graphics

Here is a picture of my team

I learned a lot. To use Unity, to see how Unity crash one time and again. A contribution so different but as complementary from each of the talents of my team. But mostly I learned about the creative process, design and code for the production of a video game.

Another thing that I noticed, my computer is not suitable for the development of video games, their capacity is very limited. It works great for my web projects, but not so much  for game development.

And with you the video game here: LUCENT

What is next? Honestly I liked the experience, I’m already registered for my class of Unity and who knows, maybe in the future to develop a video game business or invest in them, that would be pretty cool.

Only time will tell.