Building ideas

The Year of Code

I have been struggling coding again.

But this year is maaa year!!!

I’ve been trying to being free. I mean what is more cool than to be wherever I want in the world and being able to earn enough money to keep my business in track and support myself.

Imagine this.. Me, my laptop and a good internet… but the way the internet is always a pain in the ass… and it sucks a lot of time. But just bear with me and imagine the picture… I’m just hoping someday the internet reception for aerospace travels had a better internet connection someday.

I’ve been letting my fears to take over me and push me down… I mean after 4 years being in management positions that code thing just goes to the wind. So right know I’m working so that skills can come back again.

And for doing that I’m managing some projects every month. So some of them are these.

CSS challenge

I love this 365psd.com challenge, consist to structure from Photoshop to HTML, CSS and Javascript. One challenge per day, every year.. so it is a good start.

PHP cheat sheet

Like the phrases say it, just to have different functionalities in PHP for different projects.

Python cheat sheet

The other day I have a client that ask me for a software development, so I need it to take over again. The main purpose as PHP is just to have like simple functionalities that I can re-used for different projects

id Digital Design

Yup, finally I’m launching a digital agency. Hoping to someday it can sustain by themselves with a good administration panel for clients in Guadalajara, New York, Tijuana and hope other places someday.

Ooh man I can’t wait to earn enough money to pay for a good co-working space. And I think coding skills can open doors for new opportunities.

So like a Zed A. Shaw said… Just shut up and code!!.. so here we go…

Building ideas

Time to renew

So the think is that my original startup idea didn’t well so good. At one point I realized it wasn’t really something that I truly love and also about the lack of experience that I have in big data.

So baby steps by baby steps. Now getting to the basics, I’ve been realized I would like to be more involved with the industry and get into the operations. So is time to refresh all the knowledge after years being just in management areas and really start doing something.

So here I go, wish me luck.

Building ideas

ITU = International Telecommunication Unit

Is the United Nations specialized agency for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT‘s), and the creators of the ICT Development Index.

They allocate global radio spectrum and satellite orbits, develop the technical standards that ensure networks and technologies seamlessly interconnect, and strive to improve access to ICTs to underserved communities worldwide.

A useful tool the ITU has is the ICT Eye, that makes you compare your country in the Global Development measure in technology.

webiste: www.itu.int

What is ITU?

ICT Industry
Building ideas

What is the ICT Industry?

ICT = Information and Communications Technology

Also known as IT.

For me was difficult to understand exactly which industries are part of the “Technology sector”, is my project part of the Tech industry?.

Making some research I found that according to the International Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities (statistical papers page 277), as part of the United Nations, identify the ICT Industry as follows:

ICT Sector

ICT manufacturing industries

  • Manufacture of electronic components and boards
  • Manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment
  • Manufacture of communication equipment
  • Manufacture of consumer electronics
  • Manufacture of magnetic and optical media

ICT trade industries

  • Wholesale of computers, computer peripheral equipment and software
  • Wholesale of electronic and telecommunications equipment and parts

ICT services industries

  • Software publishing
  • Telecommunications
    • Wired telecommunications activities
    • Wireless telecommunications activities
    • Satellite telecommunications activities
    • Other telecommunications activities
  • Computer programming, consultancy and related activities
    • Computer programming activities
    • Computer consultancy and computer facilities management activities
    • Other information technology and computer service activities
  • Data processing, hosting and related activities; web portals
    • Data processing, hosting and related activities
    • Web portals
  • Repair of computers and communication equipment
    • Repair of computers and peripheral equipment
    • Repair of communication equipment

I found useful to define myself in the Web portals section . So in which industry are you?

Or maybe not part of the ICT industry perhaps? The great about this source is that defines hundreds of other industries.

Building ideas

This 2013 leave me with great adventures:

  • I add new friendship to my life
  • I met new startup ecosystems (Queretaro, Rio de Janeiro, Tijuana, Silicon Valley)
  • I quit my save 8 hours job
  • I start my first startup
  • I got bankrupt
  • I got know what is to live in bootstraping mode
  • Me, my family and friends still here
  • I met some intellectual incredible people
  • I read 19 books
  • I have a plan to survive 2014 and continue my startup

I’m excited that 2014 is here. I love pair years, I think there are clean numbers that you can divide by a half and always give you 0. I’m excited that this year I’m turning 28 years old, ’cause I born May 28th so I don’t know why but I’m excited.

Coming I will share my personal recipe about how to organice yourself with your goals for next year, I hope could be useful.

I share with you the statistics of this blog last year, and I’m very excited what comes for 2014

I hope your goals and dreams concrete this year!

Thank you 2013

Building ideas

I come back home super happy for knowing a lot of interesting people that contributed a little more to the universe of thoughts, ideas and dreams living in mi head

After having two weeks very active, my brain continues to reflect about the next steps of my startup.

Once I had the opportunity to go to Silicon Valley as Community Enabler, but going as entrepreneur an battling with basic things like transport, vacancy in the hostal or even look an open store at very late hours to buy some instant food after a long day of meetings is with no doubt an experience.

What an adventure! I love it!

I told my biz partner that sometimes naivety about how I perceive things helps me to not thing twice and go for it. But when I’m living the moment and all my theory come practical it’s when I realize that this is real and isn’t a child’s game. How to explain? Is felling scare but in a good way, that makes you feel alive.

I like that someone with a lot more experience slap us in the face (metaphorically) and tell us, you’re such a kids. ‘Cause I know that there’s a lot that I need to learn and the suppositions sometimes about knowing everything collapse completely, good, that makes me be down to earth (well at least sometimes).

Without doubt I’m fascinating about knowing a new ecosystem different that mine. I have learn a lot, a key factor that help us was the support of our network and friends to integrate to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Silicon Valley. And the latino ecosystem in Silicon Valley, that their stories motivates to move forward.

That’s why I want to share some useful tips and suggestion to Nourish your Network, and who knows maybe some of your network become partners, mentors, clients, work for you, or even make great friendships.

1. Classify and identify

This first part helps me to connect my head about where I met a person, how relevant is that person to stay in touch and how aligns to my goals. Literally I classified the presentation cards into:

  • Important: high relevance about my current goals
  • Network: perhaps doesn’t align with my goals right know but maybe in the future
  • Service: general useful services
  • Archive: here I manage the contacts I can’t remind or doesn’t get to my goals (but I keep the presentation cards)

2. Listen and say thanks

A lot of times I don’t realize that I had a problem to just be quiet and listen what the other people need to say during networking, I won’t lie that sometimes I get bored about conversation ’cause I don’t found them interesting. But also I been realized that letting to continue the conversation I can learn new things, even about myself. In this part I contact by mail the persons according to the previous classification as Important and Network. Some suggestions:

  • After knowing a person write them back to thanked their time and to be in touch
  • Start writing that you enjoy X event, this helps the person identified you immediately
  • I try to write them between the first 3 days I met a person in a networking event
  • For me is very important being at the service of people,  that’s why I always be open to be helpful for my network and tell them in the mail

3. New presentation card? Take it to the Data Base

Personally I have an excel directory named NET, that helps me to manage my network and to have general estimation about data as which countries are they from, how much time I have met them, from which industries they are and even the average about their ages. Some tips:

  • Save simple data in the excel sheet, of course you can manage to have another great system. I prefer to do it manually ’cause I retain a lot of information in my head.
  • Always use your smartphone directory to be synchronize if you ever lose your phone (hope not). We don’t know when we can need the data of a contact in the palm of your hand, and I try to always look for a nice picture to remember the faces.
  • When you are in the process of saving the data of a new presentation card also add them to linkedin.
  • Research more about your new contacts in Twitter, Facebook or a search engine. You can always found about the fantastic background of people.

4. Another suggestions

  • Personally I like to stay in touch sometimes by Newsletter
  • Stay in touch at least every quarter of the year, I learn this as ¨Nourish your network¨

Even the process sometimes is archaic saving every information contact, with no doubt helps my memory to know more about the person and their background and the possibility to collaborate in the future.

Also is important to know what do you like to do and what kind of profile are you. I’m a Connector (Read The Tipping Point) ’cause I have a notion about the variety of persons I stay in touch in my network. Also I love to met new people and to know more about new context and backgrounds. So ask yourself what kind of profile are you and what do you like.

Hope this suggestion are useful.

Thanks everyone that help us in this visit. Special thanks to Mack, Cobos and Juan Carlo’s family.

Silicon Valley & nourish your network

Building ideas

Since elementary school I wasn’t an excellent “A” student. When I was in the mood I could be at the same level as the best from the class, but I remember that for general classes were boring for me.

Being at the University I remember getting excited when I failed a test, the first not past ever in my life. I love it! ’cause I never had a bad note in my life and didn’t know what it feels like.

I remember this teacher that I didn’t like her to much and she give a very low grade. I really didn’t care, I remember that it wasn’t worth it, that never a grade would define my capabilities.

I always hated homework and test, why just to have a binary result? yes or not, bad or wrong. Instead to foment the comprehension, a dialog or find a way to recognize the different abilities from kids.

Today I see a lot of disorganization around me, with fear to use the intuition, the logic or just experiment.

Is this because has always been safe to think about past or failed?

Now  that I’m in the entrepreneurial world, I have realized I have found my environment. I identified with dreamers, not conformist, with people that want adventure. That love to be different.

Being in a desktop work for more than a year killed me. Now I’m happy, I have my ups and downs, but every day is an adventure.

I don’t know what will be about my future as entrepreneur, I hope I have failure and not be sad to long and stand up and continue to have this work of adventure and uncertainty.


Thanks to zenpencils.com

Being just the society spectations kills an entrepreneur

Building ideas

Today was my first networking event in San Diego, actually since I arrived to Tijuana (2 months ago) I never went to an event. It opened mi eyes and mind about the develop of the Economy in California and San Diego, in terms of infrastructure and technology. I liked to know what is happening in the startup ecosystem and how I can involve.

Today I end so tired. I woke at 4AM so I can be on time to the event, waiting more than an hour to cross to US. It broke me down very much, so tired. But I realize I love it, I’m a SCOUT, love to explore new ecosystems. And that’s exactly I want to do for a long logn time. I want to met people with new, fresh ideas. I want to know new contexts. I want to move me from my confort set of mind to crazy or irrelevant ideas.

I’m so excited for the new opportunities that are coming. No doubt this time has been a key factor for me to grow, and being in my parents house has been very comfortable. But I want discomfort and challenges.

Mi goal is to remain in Tijuana this year, and by 2014 move to California.

Is just a matter of work, disciplined and patience.

New ecosystem, new experiences

Building ideas

I started reading a recent book named Disciplined Entrepreneurship by Bill Autlet.

My partner and I are very pleased to see the new course our startup is taken.

I will say that each day has been more clear our journey and direction, and I’m super excited about that.

I will say that sometimes I don’t know where am I going and feel lost, but I realize every stop I make, have a real-strong connection.

Anyways, I remember for me was always difficult to define between Small & Medium Enterprise and Innovation-Driven Enterprise.And also because it has been difficult to change the mindset between the Mexican type of enterprises and the States.

But know with this book makes sense. So, with this I think this info is important to know. Here some general characteristics that you can found in the book.

Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Entrepreneurship.

This will be the business more known in Mexico as PYMEs.

  • Focus on addressing local and regional markets only.
  • Innovation is not necessary to SME establishment and growth, nor is competitive advantage. 
  • “Non-tradable jobs” – jobs generally performed locally (e.g., restaurants, dry cleaners, and service industry)
  • Most often family businesses or businesses with very little external capital.
  • The company typically grows at a linear rate. When you put money into the company, the system (revenue, cash flow, jobs, etc.) will respond quickly in a positive manner.

Innovation-Driven Enterprise (IDE) Entrepreneurship.

This kind of business is starting to resonate worldwide, the famous “startups”. And mostly the journey of enterprises like Google, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, etc.

  • Focus on global/regional markets.
  • The company is based on some sort of innovation (tech, business process, model) and potential competitive advantage.
  • “Tradable jobs” – jobs that do not have to be performed locally.
  • More diverse ownership base including a wide array of external capital providers.
  • The company starts by losing money, but if successful will have exponential growth. Requires investment. When you put money into the company, the revenue/cash flow/jobs numbers do not respond quickly.

To see the big picture about what I’m talking about here you can see a graphic presentation from each one. Disciplined Entrepreneurship

This book focus completely into IDE Enterprise, and is a step by step journey to create a successful startup.

I must say that right away I realize about our startup is in the SME path. What about yours?

Difference between SME & IDE Entrepreneurship

Building ideas

It’s an interesting word, but not when it applies to me.

I don’t know… is kinda a mental fear that transform in a tangible thing that is distributed to your body.

So my story is that it has not been even a month since I arrive to Tijuana, to devote full time to my startup, and gradually I been realizing about reality, and this reality is beginning to scare me.

Why do I feel this way?

I remember when I decided to take the first step to quit my job in Guadalajara to come to Tijuana.

And the last thing I remember is that I was pretty confident making that decision… I felt invincible (not kidding).

And now why do I feel so insecure?

Bit by bit I been realizing how things are in the entrepreneurial world about competition, success and failure … I feel it blocks my mind and I feel fear.

I feel fear, pure fear.

(Man! … at least write helps me)

I feel that I’ve slowed down a little work, and do not know if the lack of discipline, motivation or because it is a way of self-sabotage.

But I will not stop trying.

Sometimes I feel a little lonely working without having someone to motivate me. I guess because I’ve always liked team sports where the rest of your colleagues will encourage you and support each other. But being here alone, I think the hardest thing is to fight your own mental demons. But then at the same time I prefer to work a bit isolated because this way I can concentrate.

I have always been so tough with myself, kinda that I can’t make mistakes. But now.. man! I’m scare, and I don’t care to feel vulnerable.

Vulnerability is part of my nature as human bean and as a person that can make mistakes. I have make mistakes when just to thing about them it chills through my body.

But now, I don’t care. I learn and make introspection… analysis. And wonder what did I make wrong, or what would be an alternative to do it. I confess I’m scared about a lot of things in my personal and professional life.

But I’m confident that would not stop me to continue to pursue my dreams and goals.

So… to be scare and continue!!


Fear? yeah is normal (…now I realize)