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Being just the society spectations kills an entrepreneur

Since elementary school I wasn’t an excellent “A” student. When I was in the mood I could be at the same level as the best from the class, but I remember that for general classes were boring for me.

Being at the University I remember getting excited when I failed a test, the first not past ever in my life. I love it! ’cause I never had a bad note in my life and didn’t know what it feels like.

I remember this teacher that I didn’t like her to much and she give a very low grade. I really didn’t care, I remember that it wasn’t worth it, that never a grade would define my capabilities.

I always hated homework and test, why just to have a binary result? yes or not, bad or wrong. Instead to foment the comprehension, a dialog or find a way to recognize the different abilities from kids.

Today I see a lot of disorganization around me, with fear to use the intuition, the logic or just experiment.

Is this because has always been safe to think about past or failed?

Now  that I’m in the entrepreneurial world, I have realized I have found my environment. I identified with dreamers, not conformist, with people that want adventure. That love to be different.

Being in a desktop work for more than a year killed me. Now I’m happy, I have my ups and downs, but every day is an adventure.

I don’t know what will be about my future as entrepreneur, I hope I have failure and not be sad to long and stand up and continue to have this work of adventure and uncertainty.


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